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Dinkum uses Social Media to bring you niche customers

Dinkum uses social media to bring you customers from outlets you never thought possible. Where you are in Malawi or anywhere else in the world, platforms like Facebook and Twitter have enabled all of us to keep in touch with each other.

However, Social Media is not just about keeping in touch with your friends. There are a lot of influential people on Facebook and Twitter, even here in Malawi.

Decision makers, business owners, politicians and even ministers all subscribe to Social Media. All of whom might have a vested interest in your business or service.

Now, let’s say an influencer buys a product from your website.

He recommends that product to friends, family and other decision makers in his Social Media circle. They also purchase or take part in your website and as a result your product or service is spread virally to millions using Facebook and Twitter.

Trust Dinkum to find these influencers with a high social media following and bring them to your website.

Our service includes the creation of a Facebook and Twitter page which we then promote using Dinkums own database to bring you Likes and followers from influential customers, both here in Malawi and around the world.

Get a free quote and get started.

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