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1 Quick Tip to write a “Instant Response” Headline

1 Quick Tip to write a "Instant Response" Headline

I have scrutinized a lot of newspaper headlines lately and noticed that small and large business are spending a fortune on the classifieds, front page and inset ads that have absolutely no resonating value with the customer. Read more

Focus on Getting Clients

Dinkum Web Design Focus

Most businesses lose valuable time by focusing their energies on non-revenue generating tactics. What happens is you lose a lot of time, energy and eventually money as your business becomes more costly to run and less profitable. Read more

3 Factors to Assess When Getting a Website

Dinkum Web Design Risks

A big question business owners have to assess is their return on investment from a website contract. After all, the cost of designing and developing a website with all the bells and whistles costs a large chunk of money. Read more

Why Social Media is essential for your business


It’s tough to convince business owners that they will see tangible ROI’s as a result of their Facebook Posts. Besides most social media users are quite savvy about spam and if a product is pushed in their face, they will very likely disassociate your company, yourself and your brand from themselves and their network of influence. Read more

$450 Pizza! Thats Good Business Sense

Dinkum $450 Pizza

Even  this bloke  knows that his offering is just a marketing ploy. A pretty genius one at that.

People will come to his establishment to get a whiff of this half grand pie. Whats so good about it? Is it really worth the price? What are the ingredients?

Read more

The Dinkum Guide to SEO

Dinkum SEO Begginers Guide

A hard part of our job as internet marketers is convincing our potential clients on the value of our services. This is because the majority of clients just don’t know how a stellar website can improve their sales and exposure.

So to make our clients and our lives simpler, we have taken the liberty to explain (in a nutshell) how some of our services can help your business or service. Read more

The Number 1 Reason You Need a Website Now!

The Number 1 Reason You Need a Website Now

So this is the convincing part. I could tell you how profitable your site could be, or how much exposure you stand to receive. I could show you stats and figures that promise stellar return on investments. All of this is a possibility, but none of it is guaranteed.

So with that out of the way, why do you need a website? Read more

The “Free” Line

The Free Link

A popular marketing tactic is to offer a product or service (or part of it) for free in the hope that the potential customer would convert thus buying the additional (or the full) product down the line. Read more